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released April 19, 2016

Recorded live at Rising Phoenix Studios, Los Angeles.




ForEveryAction Los Angeles, California

Making some noise. Pushing for vital action.

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Track Name: Con las Uracas
Las Uracas no están felices.
Los arboles no tiene frutas.
Los monos tiene hambre.
Y este año tiene menos lluvia.

La cascada llora un poco.
Porque el rio tiene menos agua.
Las tortugas no hacen nidos
y donde esta el jaguar?
No se.

Los humanos cortan.

Con las Uracas viene un mensaje.
Un mensaje muy importante.

Si cortamos los arboles.
Nos cortamos.
Track Name: Storm the Gates
They swam south.
Further than ever.
They weren't hungry.
They knew what they were looking for.

His cries had touched the ocean.
They remember him.
He wasn't always treated like a prop in a show for apes.

They swam south.
We let them down.
The tanks are still holding water
and the company is still in the black.

They circled for days and couldn't understand
why he wouldn't answer them.

They should all be free.
They should all be free.
To swim with their family.
They should all be free.

Your greed.
Your greed will never justify captivity.
You will never justify captivity.

If we could carry whales
we would storm the gates.
Track Name: Beautiful Things
We come from a place where beautiful things are broken.
Where sanctuary comes to mean a place to suffer gracefully.

They are not yours.
She is not yours.
I am not yours.
We are not yours.

We come from a place where we will do our best to repair beautiful things.
We will follow in your footsteps only because we are coming for you.
Track Name: Trying to Fall
We dreamed about building
but you were just passing through.
With this shield and these scars
I am just like you.

I'll be passing through.

Another sweet attempt
I wish I felt like I didn't regret
trying to feel
some gain on a list of losses.

I twitch in my sleep.
No one knows when I'm alone.
It's not a problem
unless I'm trying to hold you.

I'll pass through another night
and I guess we'll all keep trying to fall.